Jen is highly motivated and self-driven and I believe she has succeeded where Durham Constabulary failed because of her genuine passion for truth and justice, her determination and her perseverance.

Through diligent investigation, Jen has progressed the investigation to reveal major developments, including finding a significant witness that Jen’s suspect had confessed to about the murder. This confession was bona fide by a sworn statement of truth and revealed information only known to the inner circle of the investigation. This statement of truth gave an explanation to a near 32-year-old mystery and in the process gave some closure to a family that without Jen’s investigation, would never have been revealed. Through her investigation, Jen was also able to show how her client could not have committed the murder that he was arrested for 16 years previously.


Jen Jarvie in my view was quite an outstanding leader. She was extremely professional in respect of her professional responsibilities, demonstrating support to colleagues while expecting very high standards of service delivery to all students.

Her management/leadership style was consultative, ensuring that fellow professionals felt valued and significant stakeholders in the development of the course.

Jen Jarvie is probably one of the most knowledgeable academics I know – a judgement not made lightly but importantly she is a person for whom I have the utmost respect because she is one of a small group of academics who in my experience, are able to apply sound academic principles to real life situations.

Her academic contribution to the added value provided to students for whom she had responsibility and was consistently quite remarkable and demonstrated a level of commitment to learning and skills development for others, often over and above the standards expected of the public.

Jen Jarvie is a committed professional in every regard. She acts at all times with integrity and honesty and is skilled at challenging both students and professional colleagues where appropriate.

She is hard working, highly intelligent on a wide range of subjects and uses her highly developed interpersonal skills to support and develop others.


Former Detective Superintendent Jaz Khan offered his support when I was prepping for my DI’s board. His knowledge and experience was second to none.  Jaz had a tremendous laid-back manner about him which made me feel at ease when presenting.  His feedback and hints and tips on how to succinctly answer board-style questions were extremely valuable and gave me the confidence I needed.

DS Khan always made the time to do practice sessions and was constructive in his feedback. I cannot recommend DS Khan enough. His extensive experience and easy way of teaching make him a must. Thank you again for all your support and see you for the Chief Inspectors!


I’ve always struggled with police promotion interviews, but your advice gave me a clear structure and confidence in a promotion board.

Obviously, I had to put a lot of work of into it myself but your guidance on preparation meant that work was productive. Results speak for themselves and my final grade was one of the highest in the force!


Having failed my first attempt at the Sergeant board, I received my feedback, and it was due to a lack of structure when answering the Police Sergeant and Detective Sergeant questions. I was not evidencing the knowledge I had when answering the questions.

Knowing that I needed some help to prepare properly for the next board, I contacted Jaz Khan, and he gave me an intensive 2-hour board prep coaching. He provided me with a simple-to-use question-answering structure which I was able to practice with and use in the next board.

We worked on my presentation style, and he coached me through the points I needed to hit. I passed my next board and can’t thank Jaz enough for his help and advice.


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